Italy Trip 2019 with Allante XLR Chapter of CLC Club


By: Barbara Gasior 


Italy falls in the list of some extraordinary countries to visit. You’ll surely fall in love with the culture, history, food, and architecture of this wonderfully beautiful country. There are a boatload of options for you if you are planning a trip to Italy. Some famous places include Rome, Florence, Tuscany Venice, Pompeii and many more.

Italy is one of the best countries to visit if you’re going to Europe for a trip. It has a long coastline with the Mediterranean. But the Coliseum and other landmarks aren’t the only things that Italy is known for. There is a lot more for visitors to explore.


Italy’s Motor Industry:

            Italy is proud of its rich history in the car manufacturing industry, and they’ve done a lot to ensure that they preserve every piece of their excellent past. Italy is so attached to its car culture that there are over 15 car museums packed in a small area between Modena and Turin cities, this area was once thriving with car manufacturing plants and was considered the backbone of Italy’s car industry. Although most of the plants have now moved to other countries, you can always visit the museums to see the preserved car history. This industry is what makes Italy stand out in the list of tourist attractions, especially for the car enthusiasts.

Maserati factory in Modena:

Italy has one of the worlds most appreciated and old car industries. Visitors from around the world can freely visit these historical places to explore more about the evolution in the automotive industry which set the tone for further technological advancements in the modern age. We have had the pleasure of visiting the Maserati club. Maserati has a total of two manufacturing plants located in Italy. We visited the Maserati plant located in the Modena city (it is the main one), it gave us a quick outlook of the history of top-class luxury sports cars.

A full trip to the Maserati plant lasted around 90 minutes, it included an intro, and then we were free to watch the assembly line and all the showrooms. A great thing about this tour was that we can see all of the Maserati cars in real time (some of them a super rare!). One of the most beautiful things about the Maserati plant was the flexible and people-friendly work environment. Although the schedule of their work was tough and required concentration, we witnessed smiles on the faces of all the workers.

Maserati depends on local engineers to design and carve all the new components required by the facility. And although Maserati has strict quality control, they double check the durability of their components by getting them passed by independent quality control companies, which then approve the equipment and list them as “fit for usage”. We also went to the Maserati exhibition to witness one of the world’s most valuable collections of Maserati cars. You can’t afford to miss this exhibition (held annually) if you’re a real car lover visiting Italy.

A Tour To Pininfarina:


            Pininfarina is an Italian based car designing company, they have their headquarters located in Cambiano. A tour to the Pininfarina facility is all you need to understand more about the unbeatable designing skills of the Italic engineers (we call them artists!). While books can be written about the beauty and reliability of the Italic car designs, but what to actually get to see the Pininfarina facility is far more informative and fun.

            If you’re traveling to Italy, we highly recommend you to visit the Pininfarina, Ferrari museum and the actual Ferrari manufacturing plant. You can also join many Ferrari (owners) all over the world to show support to Ferrari and your enthusiasm towards quality cars.

Other Places We’ve Been To:

            During our information and productive visit to Italy, we also visited many of the top tourist attractions around the country. Here are some of our considerable experiences that are worth sharing.

  • Amalfi Coast:

            This is a 50-miles long coastline south of Sorrentine Peninsula in Italy. It’s a really popular holiday destination with narrow, bending roads. You also get to see the remains of a Castle on a cliff on one side and the wide never-ending ocean on the other. Villages and towns are widespread and very old fashioned, containing churches in popping/ eye-catching colors. We were very excited to see the natural beauty of this coastline unwind.


            Pompeii is a remnant of a once-thriving Italian city and is located near Naples. We had the opportunity to visit the ruins of Pompeii during our visit, and that was a great experience at the end. Wall paintings are the number one attraction of this abandoned city that was excavated in 1748.




            As mentioned above, Naples is located near Pompeii and was one of the main things that made us wish to visit Italy one more time. Naples is full of cultural heritage and other things you’d love to see for yourself. Besides all the things that we saw in Naples, local cuisines and delicacies were the best tastings. It is worth giving a try.

Love Italy plus I love pasta! Tom and I have been to Italy several times.Our tour guides in Venice,Pompeii and Rome were excellent. We always come home with some new knowledge. Lake Como needs more time to explore.  Highlights Salerno, Pininfarina headquarters,Maserati factory & Ferrari museum and a whole lot more made the trip special.  Monte Cassino very beautiful and loved the history.  The trip gave you a taste of Italy always wanting more time to visit each area.  We also had a small fun group of people which made the trip really enjoyable.  A big thanks to Walter ,Barbara,Anthony and his wife Helena for putting so much into making the trip memorable .Hope everyone has a chance to visit Italy.

 Tom & Bernice Seibert


            The two week Allante XLR trip to Italy was favoloso! The first stop for the group of 11 was two days in Venice. They then travelled to the Modena area for the visits to Pininfarina, the Maserati facility, the Ferrari museum and the Umberto Panini automobile collection (including seeing parmesan cheese being made). Then it was on to Milan and a day trip to beautiful Lake Como. A five hour high speed train took the travelers to a beautiful resort in Salerno. From the resort were day trips to Pompeii, the Amalfi

coast and Naples. The long ride to Rome was broken up with a visit to Monte Cassino, a beautiful Abbey high on a hill with an amazing history of survival. Upon arrival in Rome, the auto “die hards” spent a late night watching the arrival of the Mille Miglia vehicles. A full day in Rome included a guided tour from the Colosseum to the Spanish steps. Several coins were tossed into Trevi Fountain to assure a return to Italy. The day concluded in St. Peter’s Square viewing the basilica, the Pope’s castle and the

Bridge of Angels (perfect site for proposals!). There were tours with expert guides, amazing food (croissants, gelato, pasta and calamari!), delicious wine and espresso and just the right about of shopping! Grazie mille to Active Italy Travel and the Allante club for creating a beautiful memory!

  Noreen  & Tom Casciani



     One of the highlights of the trip was the Abbey at Monte Cassino. Also the Polish War Cemetery.

That was accomplished by Walter explaining how the Polish fought the Germans and explaining about the song and red poppies to the young Polish boys and girls.It was great to stay for several days at a particular location like the Villa and Venice for our first stop. Being a small group allowed a great comradery between each of us during the entire trip.

 Carrie & Bruce Robrahn

Italy Trip 2020:


We’re your best bet if you’ve plans to visit Italy in the year 2020. We are organizing another 14 day trip to Italy. This trip is especially designed and meant for professionals and car enthusiasts.

Details will be available soon concerning timing and events. If you are at all interested,

Please contact Neil Jefferson – or 262-723-2875.

As soon as the itinerary is available he will get it to you. Reserve your spot as early as possible.