Allante idle learn procedure

The computer on your Allante stores the proper throttle position to obtain the right idle speed both with the AC on and off in park and in drive. If the battery is disconnected for any reason this information can be lost. The result can be a slow or fast idle speed. Eventually without doing anything the computer will learn by itself the proper throttle position but this could take a long time depending on your driving habits. There is a specific procedure called the “learn procedure” that can be followed after a battery is disconnected to short cut this problem. This procedure is buried in the service manual and I always have a hard time locating it so I thought that reprinting it here might be a help to club members.

“Learn Procedure”

1-Warm the engine to over 80 degrees. Climate control off. Do not touch the gas pedal during this procedure. Do these items in sequence at the same sitting.

2-Let the engine idle in park with the wheels straight for 10 minutes (I don’t know why the wheels have to be straight but that’s what the manual says).

3-Apply the brake and with the climate control in off.  Place the transmission in drive.  Sit this way at idle speed for a minimum of 3 minutes.

4- With the brakes still applied put the climate control in Auto and leave the transmission in drive position. Sit this way at idle for another minimum of 3 minutes.

5- Place car in park.

6-Turn engine off.

You’re finished. This should have trained the computer as to what has to be done to obtain the correct idle speeds