1993 Allante Presentation Portfolio by Norton Baum

Since most of us are not the original owner of our Allante’s we really don’t know what was given to the original purchaser by the Cadillac dealer. Some years ago I was fortunate enough to find an original complete unused presentation portfolio. Possibly the only one in existence. Included in this portfolio are the following items.

Exterior plastic bag with instructions to the dealer on how exactly to prepare the portfolio for presentation to the new Allante owner.


White paper box with a blue ribbon wrapped around it to contain the loose items. The box has the Cadillac crest and the word Cadillac in blue. The ribbon is inscribed with the words “perfection is the gift of giving”

Leather cover to contain the owner’s manual. Inside the cover was the owner’s manual itself with warranty information, roadside assistance contact info car, calculator, and pen.

Dealer delivery check list showing the items inspected and approved for delivery by the dealer.

Convertible top operating instructions and Goodyear tire warranty information. 

Sticker to attach owners information to the warrenty book and Allante Gold key delivery CD to instruct the new owner about the features of the Allante. White tissue paper to surround the items in the white box and a gold sticker to close the tissue paper.

Lastly the gold keys for the Allante.

Not given in the portfolio but given out by the dealer was a different Allante keychain. This was presented in a white paper folder that had printed on the outside “1993 Cadillac style Allante” with the Cadillac wreath and crest.

Many of us only get to see the owners manual with cover. Most other items are lost.