1993 Allante wheels



In 1993 The Cadillac Allante offered two wheels. The standard wheel was painted silver. Another was chrome and an extra cost option. These wheels were similar but not identical.

Both wheels had 14 holes around the perimeter and what’s commonly referred to as an arrow head design between.

There was one major difference between the two wheels other than the chrome plating. The area around the arrowhead and hole was recessed on the chrome wheel.  This recess on the chrome wheel was painted a silver color. There is on the marketplace painted wheels that have been chromed to look like the real 93 option. These are not correct for 1993 Allante.

Center caps

There are two versions of the chrome wheel center cap that we commonly see. The first is an all steel center cap. This cap sits flatter in the wheel when installed and I believe to be the correct center cap for the 93-chrome wheel. If you know what to look for you can easily distinguish these center caps from the later production plastic ones while on the car.

The second version which was later production and used on many other Cadillac chrome wheels had plastic parts with a light duty chrome plated steel face. 

The center caps on all the painted wheels were of a total plastic design.

To the best of my knowledge the only car that Cadillac installed the painted version of the 93 wheel was the 93 Allante. The chrome wheel however was used on one other car as an option. The 1994 Cadillac Deville concourse. The build sheets in the trunk of your Allante tell what wheel was installed t the factory. The RPO code for painted wheels is PF3 the code for chrome is QB9.

One interesting note. In 2002 I located in Toronto the company that did the chrome plating on the optional chrome Allante wheels. They had in stock 100 NOS chrome Allante wheels. They could not sell them to me because they were required by GM to keep them for 10 years. In early 2004 I called them again to see if I could buy them only to find out they were sent back to the wheel manufacturer and were melted down!