Allante lubrication


No, I am not going to talk about changing the oil or what kind of oil to use.

Those of us old enough can remember that cars years ago had grease fittings. Some of the cars had a lot of them. Over the years cars have migrated to the point where we have no grease fittings. All the bearings are sealed not needing any more lubrication for the life of the bearings.  Our Allante’s are almost there but not quite. Many of you may be surprised to hear that the Allante has grease fittings that need our attention. Not many, only four. I know on my part this is something I seem to never remember. There are two fittings on each side of the front suspension of the vehicle for a total of four. The lower ball joint needs grease and the tie rod ends need grease. The service manual shows their location. Get a grease gun and lube those fittings. I suspect they have been neglected for years!